Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taco Tuesday

     Somehow we always end up eating tacos on Tuesday. I rarely plan it, it just happens. I have many variations of Mexican food for Taco Tuesday. Tonight we are goin a bit healthy with taco salads! Now I highly recommend a kitchen gadget you think you will never use, but when you do, you will thank me for taking up so much space in your cabinet. Behold, the fluted taco pan. This thing rocks! I have used it to make cookie bowls but it is made for a tortilla. Forget frying up a taco shell because it is bad for you and makes a mess. Who wants to clean up grease splatter on taco Tuesday? Just spray the pans with nonstick spray, and broil or bake til crispy.

     While you do that, brown your meat. Sometimes we do turkey. Tonight my meal is mooing. I saute a diced red onion and a pepper and add my meat. Drain that greasy gunk and put it back in the pan on the stove. Add a dash or 2 or 3 of Chipotle Tabasco because it's awesome. I also throw in some enchilada or taco sauce and some chili powder.  I dump in a can of drained and rinsed red kidney beans when I have them. Rob says "the beans add texture to the salad" and some after dinner music as well. You can put salsa in if you want. I don't.
     So when that is all done, it is assembly time. Take your shell out of the oven and remove from pan. Add some lettuce, the meat mixture, some fresh veggies such as avocado and tomato. I top it all off with a little shredded cheddar and some scallions to make it pretty. If you have some corn chips, you can add some on but not too much, now! It's a salad! It's supposed to be healthy! I added a little Greek yogurt on top of mine because it tastes like sour cream and is better for you. Rob prefers to drizzle a little bit of Ranch dressing on his. That is it, my friends. It is only Tuesday so you cannot drink a margarita with this!!!

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