Saturday, February 4, 2012

Apple Pie for Breakfast

     Most breakfast food is greasy and filled with carbs and sugar. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, it's all good but my husband and I don't find it very satisfying. It's boring and it makes you feel like crap after you eat it. In my opinion, it's way too early to feel that way. The right thing to do would be to grab some yogurt and make a smoothie but I can't do that either. What I want is something that tastes like pie. You know, because you wake up hungover on a Saturday looking for some pie to nibble on. Ok, well I do. But you can't have pie for breakfast. Right? No way! My mother would be on the phone in an instant yelling about my fat ass and how pie is NOT on the weight watchers points menu. So here is my solution for something hot and sweet and yummy for breakfast. Unfortunately,  Sammy Hagar sitting on my lap with a rum and coke was not available this morning so here is option number 2: apple pie stuffed french toast.

     Now I know what you are thinking. How is this healthier than pancakes or eggs benedict? Well let's look at the options. If I wanted to make it the easy fat ass way, I could make french toast with real eggs and milk and white bread and add some cream cheese and apple pie filling. Oooh don't forget to add the whip cream!! Yes, that little concoction although delicious sounding will make you feel like super crap and will cost you a weeks worth of weight watchers points. Hell, they may even kick you out for that one! My version is much lighter and uses low calorie ingredients. Here's the scoop:

Several slices of Arnold's 10 grain bread
Nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon
several wedges of laughing cow light swiss cheese (I use this all the time in place of cream cheese)
apple jam
Pampered Chef's apple sprinkle
Fat free Cool Whip
Light or sugar free syrup
dark or spiced rum (optional depending on if you want to keep that buzz going)

Pour eggbeaters in a bowl with vanilla and spices. Mix all up.
Dip each bread slice in eggy and place on a hot oiled griddle
Cook it the way you would normally cook your french toast.
Meanwhile, I take the apple jam and add some rum and syrup and simmer in a small saucepan. You could probably do this with some chopped apples and sugar. You can also add nuts and raisins if you are feeling fancy.
Lay 1 of the french toast slices on your plate and spread 1 wedge of cheese on top.
Put another slice of bread on top and keep going until you feel like you are a greedy pig.
Add the apple mixture and top with a small dollop (I love that word) of whip cream and throw on the apple sprinkles if you got em.

Here's what's up with the apple jam. I get mine homemade from a friend who makes awesome jams and jellies. Her name is Kelly and yes her "company" is called Kelly's Jellies. This apple jam was a house warming gift. I have also had her mouth watering orange marmalade and sugar free peach which I have also used in many recipes. If you want some check out her Facebook page.
This version of stuffed french toast with pie topping cuts the fat and calories in half and you still feel like you have had a little guilty pleasure to start off your weekend. Now finish off the rum and go take a nap!

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