Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Soupendous Sunday Dinner

Nothin beats coming home from a weekend long road trip to a hot bowl of soup. Knowing we were going to be away for a day or two, I decided to try a new soup recipe the night before we left. That way, all I had to do was heat it up and serve it with some crusty bread when we returned home weary and tired from the road. I was walking around Wegman's the other day or what I call my "food heaven" and was offered a creamy broccoli soup sample. I was so pleased with the taste that I grabbed a recipe from the friendly sample lady and picked up a few necessary ingredients. When I got home though, I decided to NOT follow the recipe and do my own thing. This version has frozen veggies that are way cheaper and fat free yogurt that is oh so good for you so you can have a creamy soup without your mother yelling "bikini season is right around the corner". This, my friends, is the result:

Rummy's Not so Creamy but oh so Dreamy Broccoli Soup:

2 bags frozen broccoli (WHY waste expensive fresh broccoli on soup? Really!)
1 cup or so of plain Greek yogurt (you know I don't measure)
Half box of low sodium beef broth (ditto)
water (not much)
2 leeks sliced thin (not the tops)
2 spoonfuls of butter or fudder (fake butter)
2 cloves crushed garlic
salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, (hey it's your soup, throw whatever the hell you want in it)
Asiago prosata cheese, shredded (it's a soft Asiago that I highly recommend you splurge on and put on top of this soup)
2 ends of a loaf of bread cubed
Olive oil

Saute the leeks and butter. Season.
Add broccoli and broth. If broccoli is not covered with broth, add water.
Add garlic and season, taste and adjust.
Just when everything is cooked, add the yogurt.
Taste and adjust add as needed.
Now you can put it in a blender if you must. To be honest, it's a friggin mess. Invest in one of those handheld things that look like a boat motor. Blend til smooth. Taste, taste, taste.
If it's too thick add some broth or water; too thin, add a little flour or yogurt. If it tastes too onion-y, add a pinch of sugar. If it tastes like shit, throw it out.
Place the bread cubes on a cookie sheet, bake for 10 minutes on the top rack of your oven on 350 degrees. Add a little salt and olive oil but don't over season them. It will take away from the flavor of the soup.
When you are ready to serve, add the croutons and the cheese.


No rum tonight but I am sippin on some cherry wine from Cedarvale, a local winery.

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