Friday, February 3, 2012

A tribute to this week's food (that I didn't cook)

      I have not cooked much lately but when I have it has been kind of rushed. I have not had anything too spectacular to blog about food wise and when I thought about blogging, the food was gone before I could snap a photo and I ran out of energy to type. But today I realized I have not blogged about food in over a week so I should blog about something. So tonight is not about me. It is about all kinds of food related stuff I was involved with this week but did not actually cook. And just because I was not cooking does not mean I did not have some tasty morsels to eat. Let's start with Tuesday happy hour at Blue2o in Cherry hill. I had some (I will not divulge how much on a school night) yummy cupcake chardonnay which I love because it is nice and buttery and pretty cheap! As an app my friend Sue and I shared the tuna tartar. If I see this on a menu, I get it! I love me some raw tuna! This was served underneath a huge mound of homemade guacamole that was topped with crispy onion thingies that slightly resembled the ones that I am supposed to put on top of Thanksgiving's green bean casserole but always eat out of the can instead. It was very tasty, a little too onion-y which was overwhelming and hid the true flavor of the tuna. Not great, but not bad.

     Thursday, I was fortunate enough to have a great friend and foodie, cook for me and my husband! We had a delightful time and an all star meal which consisted of salad, chicken thighs with a rockin mushroom sauce I could drink on it's own, and bacon macaroni and cheese. My friend Wendy made all this on a school night with the help from Chef Anne Burrel's new cook book. I cannot wait to check this book out myself and make something from it since she is one of my favorite tv food network stars as well. I can't believe I had 4 helpings of that creamy mac and cheese. Well done my friend! I think we are going to have to cook for each other on a regular basis although I think your chicken thighs beat my salmon hands down.

     I have come to the realization that I have spent a lot of time on the Internet this week. I think I spent more time web surfing and eating Girl Scout cookies (hey, they stalk me in the hallway) than cooking, which is not like me (what, are report cards due or something?). I am addicted to a weekly You Tube video blog known as "My Drunk Kitchen".  I won't be the first to admit that Hanna Hart sucks in the kitchen but she makes drinking and cooking look so much fun! I guess I will have to try that one day (insert wink here). So instead of making my own culinary creations this week I sat with the hubby and a glass of wine and watched several episodes of Hanna getting blitzed on booze and trying to concoct something edible. If you are like me, you shake your head secretly knowing you had the idea of making drunk cooking videos years ago but didn't want to lose your "professional" job and respect as a sober citizen. Here is a sample of one of my favorite episodes about tacos. Although I can cook her ass under the table (hello, I am under the table) she has definitely inspired me to whip up a batch of "jargaritas" for Cinco de Mayo this year!

Sorry to admit my friends, that tonight I am not cooking, again. It's sushi night for me and my girls. We are ordering from Bamboo in Westmont. The sushi there is pretty good and the delivery boy is smokin hot. He will be getting a special tip from me tonight. I actually did make something; a pitcher of sugar free orange drink that goes awfully well with Pinnacle orange whipped vodka! Cheers!

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