Monday, April 30, 2012

Rummy's Top 10 Foodie Wow's of the Week

     I'm still in a funk from this Lupron treatment for my Endometriosis and it is getting worse with another 3 months to go.  My poor husband's getting the front effects of my side effects and now, I'm not just bitchy, but I have also come down with a case of blogger's block. Alas, the one stable thing remains, I can still cook. As a matter of fact, I have received two, count em...TWO perfect scores this week on my meals. For some reason, I just can't come up with a decent blog about either one of them, so I decided to go with a different approach this week. I am gonna take you on a little journey of things I have cooked, eaten, and have gone gaga over in the food world. Here's my little top 10 foodie WOW's of the past week list. Check 'em out.

10. Haagen Dazs must be German for "It's so good I could stick my %$#@ in it!":  Salted caramel truffle is the new limited edition flavor. My hubby knew if he didn't come home with something tasty he'd get a shoe thrown at him during my late night hormone rages. Boy, did he finally get something right. I think this is THE best ice cream I have ever had. It has these mini chocolate truffles that are hidden in the rich creamy vanilla ice cream that is surrounded by salty caramel swirls. When you bite into the truffle pieces, little bits of caramel ooze out. The cure to cool off any hot flash.

9. Rummy's turkey bundles of joy:
I purchased some thinly sliced turkey cutlets recently and did not know what to do with them. I wanted to grill them but I thought grilling them flat would dry them out too quick. Behold the bundle! Toss some fresh asparagus around in a bowl of olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and throw it on the grill. When almost done, remove from grill. Place 2 spears at the end of a small turkey cutlet and roll it up. Place on grill and cook for about 5 minutes on each side over 300 degrees. Somehow, the turkey adheres to itself so there's no need to tie it or pierce it with a toothpick which is so white trash, by the way. I added some Wegman's bearnaise finishing sauce before serving. It's a nice, light, springtime meal that's quick and easy and I made it up myself.

8. Get serious, she reads about food too?
Serious Eats is on of the best food sites around. I get a weekly email that I can't stop reading. They have an experimental food lab, hot restaurant picks, weekly taste tests, and unique recipes even a RumGirl can appreciate.

7. Rock the boat, don't rock the boat, baby. Rock the boat, my zucchini boat baby:
Came up with a creamy yet healthy version of the zucchini boat. I don't like it with tomatoes. Why does everyone have to ruin things by dumping a can of tinny tomatoes on it?  I didn't bread mine either and it still received a ten from the Mr. Cut off the ends of a zucchini and slice it in half while you're havin fun with yer big bad knife. Scoop out middle and place it in a bowl. Mash it up with one peeled and mashed yellow squash, chopped leeks, and fresh garlic. Throw that stuff in a hot saute pan with some olive oil. Season it and cook til soft. Add 2 wedges of Laughing Cow low fat cheese wedges. I used the french onion kind. Stir up til incorporated and after you pat yourself on the back for incorporating a word like incorporated into your cooking vocabulary, spoon it into the zucchini. Bake on 350 for 30 to 40 minutes depending on whether or not you got a big boat.

6. My Drunk Kitchen makes me LMDAO (laugh my drunk ass off): 
If I was a lesbian I would so want to make out with Hanna Harto. I mean, this is SOME woman. Who else can drink tequila and sake and then cook a meal for millions of viewers? Ok, so she drops the quesadillas but ya gotta give her credit. Love her! Watch her latest episode!

5. A broken rolling pin is nothing to wine about:
I am sad to report that I broke my mother's rolling pin she gave to me. It was pretty old. It had a big crack in it and I believe that was from smacking it on some bad little RumGirl's behind. Well the crack got bigger (in the rolling pin) and the handle broke off and it was time to say goodbye. I never went back out to buy one. I forget every time I go to the store that I need a rolling pin. I use mine in the summer quite a bit when I grill my pizzas. I began rolling some dough out recently when I realized I had nothing to help me roll it out. I was quite stressed so I grabbed a bottle of wine and drank it, right out of the bottle! Then I took the empty wine bottle and rolled me out some fresh wheat dough. Next time I need a rolling pin, I am headin to the liquor store!!!!

4. I am so cheesy toasts:
Do not get caught without good snackie food. I'm not talking about potato chips and Nutella, I mean good "company" snack food. I keep a tub of Wegman's cheese dip in my fridge at all times and those little toast crackers that taste like shit when you eat them without cheese. Spoon a little dip on a cracker and broil for 2 minutes. They have a variety of flavors and they're made right in the store. I like Asiago and Artichoke surprisingly, because I am not an artichoke fan. The bacon and chive is yummy too. Put it on a pretty plate and you'll be the talk of the town. Now you don't have to loath those surprising little pop-ins from your friends. Just make sure they bring their own booze.

3. Waiting for my cherry:
 Last time I went to Cedarvale, I actually worked there and got paid in wine. Not a bad gig, huh? Unfortunately, they were out of my favorite, cherry. Not only is this the best sippin wine for the summer, but you can cook with it too. Marinate some pork with this light and fruity wine or make a nice glaze for your ham with it. It sells out fast so grab it while you can. Oh and, you know, since this is MY blog I can add a selfish plug if I want to. My wonderfully talented husband will be playing some classic tunes on the acoustic guitar on Mother's Day from 1 to 3pm at Cedarvale winery. Bring your mom over for some craft venders and good tunes. While she's sitting there being entertained, sneak on in the winery and get loaded! I'll be pouring!! Visit:

2.  Stuffed: 
I made some chicken and broccoli the other evening and I didn't feel like throwing it on top of rice like I always do. Instead I took some Pilsbury thin pizza crust and rolled it out on a greased baking sheet. I piled the chicken and broccoli onto the middle of the dough and rolled it up like a big fatty. Yeah, I said it. I cut some slits in the dough for ventilation. Add a little cheese in there and serve with marinara and you may get flowers the next day!

1. My Garden!!!!!
I don't know that the hell I'm doing but I have the faith that my farming ancestors will bestow some good karma or something on me. Rob and his friend Tony built me a fantastic garden right where Rob's Uncle Chic had his garden. Apparently, Uncle Chic had a heart attack while picking tomatoes, but I am hoping he is watching down on me and that his spirit will chase away the evil squirrels and bunnies. I am attempting to grow some beefsteak tomatoes, grape tomatoes, sweet banana peppers, green bell peppers, strawberries, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, yellow squash and zucchini. I have been told that I planted the squash too close together so we will see what happens. I am just enjoying getting my hands in the earth. I stare at the dirt under my fingernails and it feels good to have created something (or at least tried). I can't wait to have a harvest party! I hope ya'll like grilled squirrel.

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