Thursday, April 5, 2012

For My Peeps

     It's almost Easter and for a few months now, we have all been captivated by the colorful tantalizing displays of Easter candy. I am a sucker for Easter; always have been. Easter signifies the start of spring weather and that my week long birthday celebration is nearby (April 17th). I enjoy Easter candy more than I do at Halloween. First of all, how can one resist purchasing anything shaped like a cute little bunny? Those of you who know me, I love bunnies. For years I had numerous bunny collectables and had some real ones as pets growing up. My favorite cartoon characters have always been Bugs and Thumper. If I ever had the courage to get a tattoo, you bet it would be a white rabbit on my shoulder (those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, watch the Matrix). Why, even my husband's nickname for me is "Rabbit".

     For some reason, I have never made my own Easter candy. Why the hell not? This past Christmas my candy was a huge success and I feel so comfortable and up for the challenge to cover anything in chocolate. I have even invested in a good Candy Maker for a mere 60 bucks. Wilton or Chocomaker both have affordable, easy to use products. It has a dial for melting which takes roughly 12 minutes with less stirring than over a double boiler. Once it's melted, the chocolate stays melted on the warm setting for a very long time. It's easy to store and clean! Well worth the purchase if you like to cover things in chocolate. It also makes for a great fondu pot.

     So what Easter candy could I possibly covered in chocolate? PEEPS!!!! I love peeps. I especially love the bunny Peeps, of course. Peeps have always been a special part of my Easter. Not just for eating, these sticky little critters are great for gags and tormenting people. Years ago, some of my friends and I began a Peep War. We would go over each others houses for dinner or to watch a game, and when no one is watching, you strategically hide Peeps all over their house. Friends would grab a coffee mug from the back of their cabinet months later to find a crusty little present waiting for them. YOUV'E BEEN PEEPED! Plants, purses, pillows, porches, cars; you name it, we've peeped it.

     But this year I am Peeping people in a good way with chocolate covered Peep Pops. WHAT??? Oh yeah. That is what I said. Stop drooling or you will short out your computer. I must say, my first try at these were so successful. They are tasty and cute and will be sure to add more business to dental professionals everywhere. These make great gifts for school or a beautiful addition to any Easter basket. I am giving mine out to my family this year at Easter. Yesterday, I surprised my students with them. I got them all sugared up at the end of the day and received many thumbs ups and even hugs from students usually lacking in social skills. Here's how to make someone smile this Easter:

Chocolate Covered Peep Pops:

Boxes of Bunny Peeps (I recommend the bunnies because the chickies are too bottom heavy and will not stay on the stick. Plus I don't think they really look like chickies covered in chocolate. They look like Easter aliens.

Bags of melting chocolate. 1 bag of chocolate made 18 chocolate covered peeps. So do the math, that is 1 and a half boxes of peeps to one bag of chocolate. This time of year you can get a variety of spring colors. I bought a bag of each to experiment.

Sprinkles, jimmies to decorate

lollypop sticks, wax paper, and candy bags

This is one stop shopping at it's best! you can purchase all of these items at A.C. Moore!!!

Place your chocolate in the melter, while it is melting, take a lolli stick and gently shove it up the bunnies butt. Believe me, they don't mind. Try and stick it up there straight so you don't have a lopsided peep pop. Say that 42 times. Lay out 18 Peeps with sticks onto wax paper. When candy is melted, grab a spoon and spoon the mixture onto the peep. The peep is made out of marshmallow. If you dip it in the chocolate like a dumbass, it will fall off and into your melter or pot. You will be living the Agustus Gloop nightmare all over. Don't contaminate your chocolate. Has Willie Wonka not taught you anything?
Lightly shake off excess chocolate. Place back on wax paper and immediately decorate. Takes about 30 minutes to harden and then you can place them in cute little baggies and add some ribbon for a the ultimate Easter treat. Children and adults alike will be bowing at your mighty chocolate making skills, or just crashing from too much sugar.

                                        HOPPY EASTER PEEPS!!!!!

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