Thursday, January 12, 2012

Raising the Sushi Bar

     My name is RumGirl and I am a sushi addict. I have been for several years and after meeting my new dealer this evening, I am afraid it is going to get much much worse. Sushi is hard to come by in this area. Let me rephrase that. Good sushi is hard to come by in this area.  In most cases the end result is that you get what you pay for. Good fresh sushi = big bucks. Cheap sushi = a date with Pepto bismol on the bathroom floor for the next few days. You can't mess with raw fish. You gotta go for the good stuff but I'm not breakin the bank for somethin that is not even cooked. Seriously! My big pet peeves with most sushi places are 1. weak selection 2. price 3. taste. I am tired of seeing the same old rock n roll roll or the dynamite roll which are contained with a lot of fillers such as imitation crab, avacado, and some mystery fish they chop up and mix with spicy mayo that isn't so spicy. Boring. Unexciting. Been there. Done that. I want something new. I want more variety. I am like a crack addict awaiting impatiently for a new fix. I want. I want. Itch. scratch. I need. I want. Scratch. Scratch. Itch. Twitch. Someone please get me to the next level!!!!!

     My good friend and sushi addict Stacey has been raving about Haru Japan for a month now. At first I was mistaken and assumed it was part of the Philly/NY Haru chain which I have been to a few times. Tasty but super pricey. I once spent my whole rent check eating a piece of go reef (gold leaf) on a tiny piece of raw fish. I thought it would taste like Goldschlager but it tasted like...hmmm... I can't remember. And who pays $300 for a meal they can't remember? Silly, stupid, rich people. That's who!  So, my sushi junkies, this is a new place; a family owned Japanese restaurant located smack dab in the middle of the Acme shopping center on Egg Harbor Rd. In Washington Twp. (All the twp. girls hollaaaaaa!) No high haired skanky township girls here. This is the real deal. Sushi freaking heaven. Forget the crack pipe. THIS is the ultimate high.

  Three pages of special sushi rolls. Just the special ones and you know I am all about being special. THREE FREAKING PAGES!!!! Crazy roll, red dragon roll, incredible roll, spicy girl roll, Eagle roll, roll around on the floor and drool roll. I can't tell you what was in what but the fat roll above my belt was happy happy!  These guys get BIG POINTS for variety. Best ever. Let me tell you that we broke a sweat trying to decide. I mean, this was tough work. Stacey whips out her own copy of the extensive menu. My husband has to take notes to help him remember his order. I want to try it all!!!! I want. I need. Sniff. Sniff. Itch. Scratch. Cough. And I need it NOW!!!

     I got a little giddy between the company, wine, and the tedious task of deciding what to order. Amy, our lovely hostess was very helpful in recommending and describing some of the rolls to us. We ordered and ordered and ordered some more. Now, I know you are probably curious to how much money I am about to spend on this dinner. Surprisingly? Not much. ALL the special rolls and I mean all 3 pages of special rolls are 50% off. I wanted to kiss these people. Really! Most specialty rolls cost you 12 to 15 bucks on average. These babies were $7!!!! As my husband says "It's like a dead baby seal, ya can't beat it."

     Now that PETA is on my butt after that comment, I'll be quick. Haru sushi was delicious. Every roll was beautiful, fresh, and different. I have never tasted anything like this stuff! The crazy roll was filled with lobster salad rolled in mango and rice with a creamy honey sauce on top. Have you ever heard of anything so magical? It was! I'm still tingling form the experience. You would have thought the Red Hot Chili Peppers sat on my lap and sang happy birthday to me naked. Yeah, that good. Memorable. That's what I want when I go out to eat. I do not just want a meal. I can do that in my own kicthen. I need an experience and a taste that will linger on in my memory and on my facebook page for years to come. We all love good food with good friends but you never forget those special moments you share with your friends. I am talking about the times when you go on a culinary journey with the people you love, shove an over sized piece of raw fish and rice into your mouths, try to scream "Oh my God" and wet your pants. Now that's quite a high you never forget.

Haru Japan is located on Egg Harbor Rd. in the Acme Shopping Center in Sewell, NJ. Check them out...soon. I will be back. Maybe tomorrow.

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