Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tired Tuesday: How to make a masterpiece out of leftovers

The holidays bring 2 things: Little time and energy to cook and a fridge full of Christmas leftovers. If you are like us, we travel to many family's homes over the break. We end up with a lot of leftovers from 3 days of feasting but who wants to keep reheating the same 2 day old ham for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Leftovers do not have to be boring. Don't just throw them in the microwave. Now is your chance to create something new out of something old, instead of wasting it. 2 things I ALWAYS keep on hand for occasions like these: pizza dough and flatbread. You can concoct any number of flatbreads and pizza with a few leftovers. Tonight I have leftover steak, onions and mushrooms. Throw that on a flatbread, add some mozzerella or provolone and you got yourself a quick and tasty philly cheesesteak flatbread. That left over holiday ham can be used in any sort of casserole. It also makes a yummy breakfast or sandwhich, hot or cold. Throw it on some soup or a salad. I always keep a can of diced pineapple in my cabinet. Drain and toss it all on pizza dough with ham, onions, cheese and any kind if sauce and some diced green onions, and you got yourself a yummy Hawaiian pizza. Tonight I am mixing the ham with some leftover butternut squash casserole and topping it with Gouda. Have a leftover pizza party night to clean out your fridge! It works on just about any kind of leftovers...except for that fruitcake.

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